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IT SystemWorks is a professional contract IT company focused on small to medium-sized businesses. We provide two basic types of services: IT and development.

IT work includes tasks such as purchasing and configuring hardware and software or maintaining and troubleshooting networks, printers, servers, and so on.

Development work includes: creating or modifying websites, writing programs to create documents or perform other tasks, creating or modifying databases, and so on.

When you call us about an IT problem, we will:

  • Assess—We'll meet with you at your business to understand the issue and assess your general IT environment.
  • Propose—We'll give you a written proposal for resolving the problem, including an estimate of the costs. We'll explain in non-technical terms what we are recommending and why.
  • Perform—We'll resolve your problem in a timely fashion and to your satisfaction.
  • Recommend—We'll give you a written recommdendation for any further work that might help to prevent future problems.

When you call us about a development issue, we will:

  • Assess—We'll meet with you to review your business processes, the system in question, and gather the relevant files, documents, and other artifacts.
  • Estimate—We'll give you an initial rough estimate. If you're comfortable with the estimate, you can sign our contract and we'll proceed to a detailed specification and estimate.
  • Specify—We'll create a detailed specification to verify exactly what you need done, and to provide mildestones and more accurate cost estimates.
  • Perform—We'll develop your product according to the specification, checking in with you at regular intervals to make sure the product is exactly what you expect.
  • Recommend—We'll give you a written recommdendation for any further work that we feel may be useful.

Time's short! Do you need your problem solved now? While the above represents our standard process, we work to your timetable. Our clients often have tight deadlines and need us to help them meet those deadlines. We'll accomodate your needs.



Why Go with IT SystemWorks?

As a small company, we work harder to earn and keep your business.

We excel at assessing your real business needs. If we think an off-the-shelf solution will meet your needs better, we'll tell you so!

We can and will meet your deadlines, even if it means working 24 hours a day.

We offer deep and broad experience in IT systems and deployment; project and team management experience; solid and well-tested processes; and an attention to detail—all things you want in the systems your business relies on!

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What to Expect

  Services we offer

We're a full-service shop, including:

  • Installation
  • Preemptive maintenance
  • Security assessment
  • Virus and spyware eradication
  • Hosting
  • Exchange mail service
  • Web site development
  • Application and Office development
  • Systems and software troubleshooting