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Dave Parker
Director of Development


Dave has over 20 years of experience as a software developer. After graduating from The Evergeen State College in 1986, Dave worked as a software developer and consultant at various software companies until landing at Microsoft in 1992.

During his almost 12 years at Microsoft Dave managed both development teams and projects. He worked on everything search technologies to databases and has extensive experience with the Office object model, C# programming, and all varieties of web-oriented technologies.

Dave's experience includes:

High Quality Software

  • Specifing and building shipping products for the leading software developer in the world
  • Vast experience in C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, COM, ATL, STL, ActiveX, ADO, OLE/DB and more
  • Working with people from many different disciplines
  • Assessing customer needs and building products that meet those needs

Website Design and Development

  • Designing websites to meet particular business needs
  • Building and extending websites using HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, XML, etc.
  • Building logon, registration, and automatic notification systems
  • Generating page content from external data and writing data back from user input

Database Design and Development

  • Gathering accurate and complete requirements from cutomers/clients
  • Designing normalized data models that meet requirements
  • Designing and building databases in Microsoft SQL Server, Access, and MySQL
  • Extensive familiarity with SQL language
  • Designing and implementing three-tiered client/server solutions

Office Integration

  • Extensive experience extending Microsoft Office applications
  • Deep knowledge of the Excel, Outlook, and Project object models

Project and Team Management

  • As a lead at Microsoft, Dave has experience managing people and projects
  • Practical knowledege of development and its hurdles
  • Experience estimating both large and small development projects
  • Experience building schedules and sticking to them

You can view and print Dave's full resume here

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